Bike to Beat Cancer Century

One More Mile: How to Deal with Cancer or Other Circumstances

My best friend was just diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, it’s in the early stages, and the doctors hope to be able to remove it without long-term consequences. We’re praying for that right now.

I was talking with him on the phone this morning and mentioned my ride in the Bike to Beat Cancer last year. I’ve ridden in this event because of the many friends and family members who have been affected by cancer, including several who have died from the disease. Last year, I accomplished my first cycling century (100 miles) in the event.

I was telling my friend that the most difficult miles for me were between 75 and 90. (I had never ridden more than 75, so this was new territory, and once I got to 90 the adrenaline kicked in.) Especially during that 15-mile stretch, I kept feeling like I might not make it to the finish line. But I so wanted to do it! So I kept telling myself two things: (1) Your friends struggling with cancer have it much worse; you can fight through the pain for them; and (2) Just go one more mile and see how you feel.

I write about living victoriously despite the circumstances, and I think these two principles can help us do that:

  1. Put your circumstances in perspective. Get a bigger picture. Try to get out of looking only at your own difficult circumstances, pain, and worry. Focus on others. Focus on God, who is more powerful and compassionate and involved than you can comprehend.
  2. It’s great to have a goal (for me, it was cycling 100 miles), but simply take one mile at a time. Get through today, or if that’s too difficult, get through the next hour. Several years ago I went through a tremendously difficult emotional/relational conflict, and this is how I got through it with God’s help. The idea here is to keep going. Go one more mile, get through today, and then see how you feel. And, by the way, go through whatever it is with the help of good friends. You’ll get to the place where the end of the battle is in sight.

What difficult circumstance are you dealing with? How do/can these two principles help you keep going?  Please share by leaving a comment below.


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