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dPOLL: Where do you struggle with your diabetes care?

In my last several posts, I’ve discussed looking at your diabetes care as more than just a physical issue, but to consider it holistically. In my last post, I provided a simple five finger diagnotstic tool you can use to evaluarte how you are handling your diabetes care. Today I’d like to see which of these five aspects of our…

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Diagnose How Well You Are Handling Your Diabetes

Do you feel like you’re losing your grip on your diabetes care or some other life circumstance? In my last post, I discussed the idea that we can best deal with difficult life circumstances holistically. Today I want to make this as practical as I can. So the task at hand for you today is to use your fingers as a diagnostic…

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Diabetes: Enemy or Pure Joy?

It’s human nature. It’s intuitive. As human beings we look at the trials in our lives as the enemy. Trials like diabetes or cancer or marriage problems or, well, you name it; they are all uninvited antagonists that only want to make our lives miserable, and worse, to destroy our lives In a previous post, “Successful Diabetics Own Their Diabetes,” I noted…

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