Monthly Archives : August 2014

What Do You Do When Life Isn’t Making Sense?

When you are walking through a dark valley or when the circumstances in your life are not making sense, it’s vital to ask the right questions. What kind of circumstances? I’m talking about living every day with a disease such as diabetes or cancer, relationship issues, or any other life difficulty. I was reading through the psalms in the Bible one day and…

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The Cyclist in “Stop Diabetes” Lycra

It was the perfect day for a bike ride for me, and it was an embarrassing one for my wife. At 7 a.m. I clicked into the pedals on my dark blue Specialized Allez road bike and pushed off toward my friend Ed’s house. I looked up at the cloudless pastel blue sky with yellows and reds radiating from the east. Goosebumps appeared…

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