Bike to Beat Cancer Century

One More Mile: How to Deal with Cancer or Other Circumstances

My best friend was just diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, it’s in the early stages, and the doctors hope to be able to remove it without long-term consequences. We’re praying for that right now. I was talking with him on the phone this morning and mentioned my ride in the Bike to Beat Cancer last year. I’ve ridden in this event…

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Writer’s Block: I Don’t Get It.

I’m often asked how I deal with writer’s block. I’ll tell you the truth: I don’t get it. I mean I don’t even get the question, because I don’t get writer’s block. I have scores of folders in hanging files that contain hundreds of ideas just waiting to be explored. I save emails and web pages in One Note on…

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When Cupid’s Arrows Bring Pain

I am blessed to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my beautiful bride and love of my life, Heidi. Valentine’s Day 2012 was not so happy. I won’t go into details in this public place but many of our close friends and family know how much we struggled. I know we’re not alone. Marriage is a gift and, like many gifts, it…

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Why I Ride … and Walk and Work for a Diabetes Cure

Warm sweat drips onto my phone as I write this post. I’m on my bike trainer on a cold, grey, rainy day spinning out 17 or so miles to try to stay in riding shape. Boston’s Greatest Hits blasts from my iPad. Without notice my pace quickens to the song “Smokin’.” The music and the creative activity take my mind off…

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KC-Mike 001

Good Friends Help PWD Live Healthier Lives

People with diabetes need good friends. By good friends, I mean people who are patient, understanding, sympathetic, and, most importantly, have a sense of humor. By the way, I’m not saying we deserve people to treat us well just because we have diabetes. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me because of my condition. (The truth is, some people with…

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